Corporate Health & Workplace Physiotherapy

Workplace Physiotherapy

Both employee and employer can mutually benefit from workplace physiotherapy. Fitting readily in line with most business and company health policies, physiotherapy allows employers to see the rewards of increased productivity, minimal time away from work, reduced liability insurance and settlement payouts and improved health and morale as employees enjoy the benefit of direct and personalized treatments.

What we do

We offer treatments for employees who require musculoskeletal rehabilitation for injuries and symptoms such as back and neck pain, repetitive strain disorder and joint conditions. We use a variety of techniques and strategies to improve work efficiency and enhance personal wellbeing. Happily working in conjunction with associated company departments (health & safety, human resources, occupational health), we offer a bespoke service for employees – encompassing one to one assessment, treatment, preventative measures and workplace ergonomics, promoting an ethos of self-help and personal maintenance.

In a difficult economic climate, our tailor-made approach allows organisations – both public and private – to avoid the costly overhead of a full time physiotherapist. We give the flexibility of treatment onsite or, if preferred, in one of our six modern clinics.